Vienna Opera Ball

Facts & Figures

approx. 5500 ball guests

approx. 150 debutant couples

40,000 glasses

1000 tablecloths

4000 pieces of cutlery

600 champagne coolers

800 bottles of sparkling wine and champagne

900 bottles of wine

1800 pairs of sausages

1000 petits fours and sandwiches

800 goulash soups

280 catering staff during the ball 

approx. 1.3 million TV spectators

30 hours for converting the opera house into a ball room, 21 hours for dismantling

3500 children attending the Magic Flute for Children on the day after the Vienna Opera Ball (in the setting of the ball decoration)

Volume of orders placed with 50 companies totalling approx. EUR 1.4 million for conversion and dismantling works

350 skilled workers and 150 auxiliaries during the conversion phase

80 flat-bed trucks for the dance floor, the boxes and the cladding elements

171 flower bouquets and 480 floral arrangements

approx. 180 musicians